Dog Potty Training is Easy if you Follow These Simple Rules!

Dog Potty Training is Easy if you Follow These Simple Rules!

by Vish P.

Even if you’re the most positive person in the world – dog potty training can be REALLY exasperating!

Whether you’re dealing with a puppy with no previous potty experience (always the easiest to train with sound methods) or a Pween (pup tween) or even an older dog with serious potty backlog, you’re going to run into all kinds of stuff that will have you questioning your very being!

Ok it might not be all that bad – scratch that – it’s BAD in all sorts of ways! Especially if you’re not equipped with the right information to be the head human in charge of the puppy potty training experience.

Successful dog potty training depends on a lot more than just positivity.

Good-bye Idealist! Hello Patient Teacher!

You’re the boss. And I don’t mean that in a bossy-boss kind of way. Your dog needs you to teach him where and when it’s appropriate to let loose. No matter how you look at the situation, you’re in charge. Your four-legged companion does not know any better. Even if your dog looks like he’s got it all figured out – he doesn’t. If he’s peeing and pooping where he shouldn’t on a regular basis, he hasn’t figured it out.

Accidents can and will happen even with trained dogs or pups in potty training transition but I’ll get to that later.

I just want to make it really clear that you, as the human parent, have all the tools necessary to shape, teach, guide and communicate with your dog.

I’ve written a lot about this topic and the most common feedback I get is how quickly one can start doubting oneself or the potty system we teach. It’s normal. Yes it can be difficult. Just hold off on the doubt and remember that no matter what happens – you’re in charge! Your dog potty training success relies heavily on your ability to be persistent, patient and on point at all times.

Reading Material

I’ve written quite a few posts on this topic and I’m going to keep writing about it. I’ve even written an entire step-by-stop guide with answers to the most common questions and solutions to potty problems. You must read the material. We only teach positive dog potty training tips and techniques. This material is pure gold when it comes to this stuff. Here are the links:

If you do one thing and one thing only – get our free ebook. Sure I want you to subscribe to HBD and would love to have you follow our blog. What I want even more is for you to have all the information at your fingertips in one easy-to-follow instruction guide so you don’t have to keep Googling for dog potty training help!

Da Potty Code!

The CODE is everything in lay terms. Pick up the reading material I mentioned above to understand how and why your dog does what he does when it comes to potty. Learn the different techniques available to you. Whatever you do – remember the following CODE because it’s everything you need.

Dog potty training simplified in its most rudimentary form:

    Manage the Environment. Use a friendly dog crate, leash, specific room in your home and a puppy safe space to keep your dog localized during potty training.

    Limit free roaming and playtime to when you’ve achieved successful potty in the appropriate place. An empty bladder means all-access play for a determined period of time.

    Constant Supervision. When it’s time take your dog to the right place, look for signs. Use a friendly crate to let the bladder fill up so you can predict potty time. Then shape a schedule that works for all parties.

    Punishment: No hitting, yelling, screaming or scaring your dog. This will potentially make your dog not want to do business around you. He will look for hidden spots or wait until you’re not around (which should not happen if you follow the previous step) to make ninja potty.

    Mistake Management. Interrupt mistakes as they occur by directing your dog to the right location. Clean up the mistake using a cleaner that ensures no odor trace is left behind.

    Positive Reinforcement. Praise and Reward. Let your dog clearly know when he’s done the right thing. High value rewards, lots of praise and love. GOOD DOG!!!

    It’s Not Personal! Don’t take anything personally and own up to mistakes just as much as you do for progress and success.

    Rinse and Repeat… Patience, persistence and focus are everything. All it takes is a few weeks of the regimen to see real results and oftentimes, solve the problem completely.

Dog Potty Training Warning!

Once you get the CODE – it’s easy. As I’ve always said – your dog will have you question the fabric of your being. Your puppy will have you doubt the entire process and system. Don’t fall for it!

The CODE works. Believe in it and do NOT deviate. The main reason why you might NOT succeed is because of a lack of confidence or focus when it comes to the really easy stuff. It’s not your fault.

Dogs and Puppies are masters of unintentionally (and I stress unintentionally) screwing with our heads. It’s one of the joys of caring for, teaching and loving any animal.

As I’ve already mentioned – accidents can and will happen when potty training your dog. Accidents don’t mean things aren’t working. No living creature is perfect and a dog with past experiences needs time to adjust. It’s perfectly fine – just follow protocol and realign your efforts. Everything will fall into place. Just be extra careful to clean up all trace of accidents to prevent recurrences.

Any healthy and happy dog can be trained to do business in the right place. Any healthy and happy dog can follow a potty schedule with practice. Whenever something goes wrong or a mistake occurs, use the right course of action (see complete guide and walkthrough) and everything will be fine.

Potty training a dog can be difficult but, if you keep everything I mentioned above in mind, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s one of those things that’s kind difficult even though it’s kind easy – mostly because we humans can be an impatient bunch sometimes and we forget we’re dealing with animals.

All I can say if that things will be a LOT easier if you trust in positive methods using the HBD system. Follow Da Potty CODE and you’ll do just fine!

If you do one thing before you leave this page – make sure you grab your free copy of the ultra comprehensive HBD potty manual. It’s got housebreaking covered from A-Z and doesn’t cost a single penny.

Share your potty stories!!! Good and bad – we want to hear them – sound off in the comment section below!

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